Apple Maps

While Apple’s maps may not be perfect they will at least get you home along Hawthorn road when it becomes a cycle/foot path…

unlike the dead end that Google maps will lead you down…

Surely it is unfair to compare a mapping system that has only been live for a day and one that has had several years to become ever more refined. We live in hope that Google will get it right one day

Some Pixelmator Colour Splash Rocket Science

There is a one star review of the excellent Pixelmator in the App Store….

Presumably referring to the ColorSplash app for [wikipop]iDevices[/wikipop] which holds a particular colour (or area of colours) while turning the rest of the image to [wikipop]greyscale[/wikipop]. How hard can it be…

With an image loaded into Pixelmator:

1: Choose Select Color from the Edit menu
2: Use the Eyedropper to select the colour to be retained
3: Use the Radius slider to adjust the amount of colour to be selected
4: Back to the Edit menu to Inverse the selection
5: From the Image menu choose Desaturate
6: Back to the Edit menu to Deselect the selection

Done. In under 30 seconds. Phew! Rocket science! Of course you could take longer and do a better job ­čśë and there are several ways to achieve the same effect. To expand the selection to include several colours you could use the Magic Wand tool…