Final Cut Studio upgrade

It was quite fortuitous that the day I decided I would order an upgrade for my creaky old antiquated version 1 of Final Cut Studio was the very day Apple updated the software to the new version 3. It only took 4+ hours to install! Which was not quite as long as the 17 hours it was predicting.

17 Hour update!
17 Hour update!

So now I have a whole lot of new toys to play with and distract myself from actually finishing any of the numerous projects I have on the go 😉

Fun time with RevWeb

Runtime Revolution is about to hit version 4 which includes a plugin to enable software created with it to be run in your web browser. Get the plug in and install it!

Here is a little guess the number test game I made awhile ago but not specifically for the web. It seems to mostly work 🙂

[Update: Does not seem to like FireFox 3.5.1 on my Mac. Works with Safari, Opera and Stainless browsers]

There is a new version of the Revolution software called revMedia with which you can create your own stuff. You will need to sign up to get the Alpha Testing version. It is FREE. It is FUN.

This could turn into an all nighter 😉