Things I did not know (part 703.5-b)

There is a Simple English Wikipedia for children, non-English speakers etc. which seems like a good idea and an opportunity to waste even more time 😉

You can use your UK library card number to access all manner of online resources. Usually the larger your local authority the larger the range of resources available but even our modest library service offers many useful links. Guess I will have to get a library card now 😉

Is this a question?

If you have an hour or two to kill answering questions at WikiAnswers can be fun. Mostly it is kids doing their homework – I wanted Homework Sucks as my user name but someone had already taken it – but sometimes the questions can become a little surreal

How Many People in Australia Hate Carrots?
Where was she raised?
Why is Steve important to computers?
How do you know when he is going to brake up with me?
What was the outcome of his struggle?
When did the hole us become a state?
Will you maerry me? 
What is a good place to get black shirt?
What do children get for christmas? 
Do you have a specific job or goal in mind?
When and where did the story happen? 
Does a guy like you if he stops you in the hall to talk about random stuff?