Who does not love browsing the web? I know I do and frequently do so. In a little over twenty years the world wide web has grown to become as integral a part of our lives as the water and electricity supplies. In that time it has also lost its clunky name and is often now referred to as the web or the Internet as it is the most familiar face of the Internet.

This week we have checked bank accounts, done shopping (groceries, fabrics and yarns, baking equipment, books), checked when the courier will be delivering goods, applied for jobs, watched TV, listened to radio programming, played games, applied to audition to appear on TV, listened to music, watched film trailers, checked news, weather and travel details, written and read blogs, video chatted with friends and answered questions from strangers, checked library book status, and all the incidental daily diversions one may encounter. All thanks to the ubiquitous web. How did we ever manage before?

The future is not what it used to be….

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 07.27.16

In 2005 Poe’s law established that on the Internet an extreme point of view is indistinguishable from a parody of that point of view if the parody lacks any identifying smilies or other indicators.

Today amidst the never ending background noise of the Internet it becomes increasingly difficult to verify what is real and what is parody.

Pupinia Stewart (this may or may not be her name) at 16 years old (this may or may not be her age) took on the whole world… and won. Slam dunk (as I believe they say in Americanish).

Beyond satire which stands apart and points a finger, beyond Absurdist and Dadaist she holds a mirror up to the Internet. Who is the stupid one here?

Collective YouTube channel

Personal YouTube channel




Apparently Marks and Spencer sales have been hit by a website move…


who would have thought it?

Go to…


and click on Register to be confronted by….

M&S certificate query

Apparently a sub-domain of the Marks & Spencer site is running from a GoDaddy site…


Caveat emptor.

Whilst one can appreciate the humour…

…and the apology

if you want to see what the Tesco store in [wikipop]Gerrards Cross[/wikipop] (the one [wikipop search=”Gerrards Cross Tunnel”]built over the railway line[/wikipop]) looks like you can turn to your trusty Maps folder on your iOS 6 device

and see that, according to Nokia Maps, it is a building site…

and from Google Maps we learn that it is a slightly more advanced building site…

but with Apple Maps we can see it is a fully functioning store.

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