Why Kill My Squirrel?

We listened to The Country Wife at the weekend. The line…

Be sure you love me whatsoever my husband says to the contrary, and let him not see this, lest he should come home, and pinch me, or kill my Squirrel.

..had us wondering just what “kill my Squirrel” referred to as there had been no Squirrel references until then.

Using NetNewsWire with Your Blog, Twitter, and Del.icio.us

Using NetNewsWire with Your Blog, Twitter, and Del.icio.us: “MacTips: β€˜One of the greatest things about the greatest RSS reader on the Mac, NetNewsWire, is how many things it can integrate with. It can go hand-in-hand with your blog, your Twitter account, your Del.icio.us account and many others because of its scriptability.’”

(Via ranchero.com.)

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