Buddy can you spare a calculator?

In the bizarre times in which we live some bankers and accountants (No! Don’t laugh!) are spouting some nonsense claiming that a lack of maths skills cost us £2.4bn each year. Think of a number any number! Of course by maths they mean “core numeracy skills” (whatever they are!) so we are talking arithmetic rather than mathematics. Have they never heard of the numerous maths failures like Richard Branson? Of course non of this is new it has all been tried before with (surprise surprise!) the inevitable failure. Are you bored yet?

Things I did not know (part 703.5-b)

There is a Simple English Wikipedia for children, non-English speakers etc. which seems like a good idea and an opportunity to waste even more time 😉

You can use your UK library card number to access all manner of online resources. Usually the larger your local authority the larger the range of resources available but even our modest library service offers many useful links. Guess I will have to get a library card now 😉