Thames Water – Worst website of the day

If you are a customer of Thames Water you can pay your bill online. If you make a mistake filling in the form it will be rejected but it will not tell you what the mistake is. Once you manage to fight your way through the form filling and make your payment you are presented with a page…
Thames Water website page

Hmmm! “Thank you for contacting us”. I was not trying to contact you I was trying to pay you. Did you get my payment? Who knows?

“You will shortly receive an automated email response”. I am still waiting. But as I did not give you an email address I will be very impressed if one arrives.

If only there were some way I could inform you about the sheer crapiness of your site…. Wait – there’s a survey to share my views…
Thames Water survey

Oh dear!

Building a snow bear

Martine and the girls build a bear. If you have the snow it has to be done….

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Library Books software for Gloucestershire

Harold Chu’s Library Books software for Mac OS X tracks your borrowings and reminds you when they need returning/renewing. I had messed with an earlier version but never managed to get it to connect to the local library service. A new version was in today’s MacUpdate listing but as Gloucestershire was not included in the preset UK libraries I had another go at getting it to work. Success 🙂

So if you live in [W:Gloucestershire], are a member of the library, have a Mac and a tendency to forget to return stuff this is what you need.

Install and run the Library Books software. It only appears as a star icon in the menu bar. Click on the star icon and select Preferences. Select the Logins section and click the + button to add a new library.
From the Library drop down menu select Generic Catalogue Systems – TalisPrism / Talis Catalogue System.

The Library Books Settings Pane
The Library Books Settings Pane

In the General settings add a Name and your Borrower numbet. PIN can be left blank.

In the Catalogue section add:
Catalogue host:
Library Web Page:
Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
Click the Save button.

That’s it!

Click on the Star icon and select Update and it will fetch a list of your borrowed items. The number of items are displayed next to the star. You can make the star change colour the day before an item is due to be returned and/or add the dates to iCal so that it will also remind you.

The software is free and no more late return charges 😉

Update: The details were sent to Harold Chu the developer who says that they will added to the Preset list in future versions.