What is a chap to do whilst locked down on a rainy day and just a couple of days from retirement?  Build a retirement home!

I have never actually played Minecraft.  They do say you can tell if you are in an introvert’s home as it will not have any pictures of other people anywhere.  Similarly my Minecraft worlds are populated by just me and my menagerie.  My usual method for building a house is to find a suitable hill and start excavating it.  You eventually end up with more house than hill but the house can become a somewhat impractical, cavernous labyrinth.


Day something from #100DaysToOffload

As if there is not enough to worry about these days the BBC asks How do I home-school my children? and provides suggestions for some resources:

Surely the only TED Talk needed is the one by Ken Robinson

If a parent has delegated the legal responsibility for the education of their child by registering them with a school then the school should be providing an education for the child. If a parent is not happy with the education provided by the school they can deregister the child and relish the responsibility for educating their own child in anyway they see fit. Deregistration is a simple process with which the school has to comply. The otherwise than at school option has been successfully educating children for decades – it rarely does, and in my opinion never should, look like school at home.

Education Otherwise has produced a leaflet with useful advice for parents with children affected by the current school closures which is being distributed via local authorities and from their website.