What are the chances?

Once upon a time I had the whole Internet to myself. Then I found another Duncan Moran and we exchanged emails and said “Hi” to ourselves and contemplated the existential ramifications of just being a Duncan Moran rather than the Duncan Moran. Today I do not get a look in as you cannot move for us…

I must remember to check out my acting career.

But as a father of a Haydn I was surprised to find a Duncan Moran who seems to have a Hayden…

Although probably not that significant in the big picture.

Sourdough back on the menu

The demise of the last sourdough starter and moving house has meant that yeast has been used for baking for the last month or so. With the kitchen now full of yeasty bready goodness it was time to start a fresh starter. I chucked some flour and water in to a bowl and left it to do its thing. After a couple of days it was bubbling away nicely.

Sourdough starter
Sourdough starter

After four days I chucked (nothing was weighed or measured) half the starter, some flour, warm water and a bit of salt into a bowl at eight in the morning leaving it to do its thing with an occasional knead or stretch and fold. It was baked at six in the evening after an hour or so proving. It probably could have done with a couple more hours and the oven was probably too hot for too long but it is perfectly edible and very tasty.