Yet more Google crap

While it is fairly easy to drop the likes of Facebook Google presents a more insidious challenge….

And will need to remove players such as the SoundCloud one which links out to ScoreCard Research ๐Ÿ™

Internet Interweb

Farewell Facebook

Because…. The Web We Lost


Because…. Stop Using Facebook

Because… Tech and Liberty

Etc Etc.

Internet Interweb Regular Everyday Stuff

What are the chances?

Once upon a time I had the whole Internet to myself. Then I found another Duncan Moran and we exchanged emails and said “Hi” to ourselves and contemplated the existential ramifications of just being a Duncan Moran rather than the Duncan Moran. Today I do not get a look in as you cannot move for us…

I must remember to check out my acting career.

But as a father of a Haydn I was surprised to find a Duncan Moran who seems to have a Hayden…

Although probably not that significant in the big picture.

Interweb microblog

A very short micro blog test.

Interweb Regular Everyday Stuff

The weird world of Waitrose.

Apparently in Waitrose world we celebrate something called Thanksgiving (whatever that is)


And you can order your Sunday paper…

If only The Observer was called The Sunday Observer it would be easier to find…

But to be fair it has only been a Sunday paper since 1791 so we may need to leave it awhile while the database refreshes.