I have the [W:OED] Word Of The Day pop up in my RSS thingy. Yesterday’s word was, predictably, [W:Shrovetide] – c1425 Orolog. Sapient. vii. in Anglia X. 386/39 {Th}e sondaye In Quinquagesime, with {th}e tweyne dayes folowynge, {th}at is clepyd Schroftyde.

Todays, by contrast, is [W:Drum and bass] which dates back as far as – 1990 [W:The Face (magazine)] Nov. 53/2 ‘Dub Be Good To Me’..is Beats International‘s most characteristic creation. It’s drum and bass culture, the sound of downtempo Britain after midnight. 1997 S. BARROW & P. DALTON Reggae v. 204/1 But the first vocal record with a full dub version on its flip..is usually recognised as the [W:Little Roy] ‘Hard Fighter’ track on the [W:Lloyd Daley] Syndicate label, recorded in March 1971, with the splendid ‘Voo-doo’ as its strictly drum and bass counterpart from [W:The Hippy Boys].

The OED Rocks! But, alas, no Little Roy or Hippy Boys on Spotify yet. 🙁

The best word of the day has to be ricockulous, which describes something a degree or two worse than ridiculous but not quite as bad as ripenisulous. It was used by [W:Ben Goldacre] writing about the Facebook causes cancer nonsense on his Bad Science blog. Splendid.

The new Safari 4 beta refused to launch for me. Plug-ins are the usual suspects with browser failures. I was using the wonderfully useful Glims and a quick search of the Interweb revealed a couple of lines to paste into the Terminal….

sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Glims/

sudo rm -rf /Library/InputManagers/Glims/

A quick Restart and Safari 4 is working – this very post is coming from it 🙂


If you need to get back to version 3 there is an Uninstaller on the Safari 4 [W:.dmg] which will put you back to where you were.

Glims Updated: 25th Feb
A new version of Glims is now available.

Not that we didn’t know something was cooking at Apple but we didn’t expect it to be released so fast. We apologize for any problems we may have caused and hope you keep enjoying our plugin.

Indeed we shall.

Whilst enjoying the wonderfulness that is Spotify one can come across the occasional cataloguing anomaly. Clicking on an artist’s name offers a brief biography and a list of Similar Artists. Normally this is a great way to explore but….
Clicking the minimalist composer [W:Steve Reich] gives you the New Orleans jazz band leader [W:George Lewis (clarinetist)] as a Similar Artist. Perhaps I am missing something but I do not really see the connection. That George Lewis should not be confused with this [W:George Lewis (trombonist)] who can be found on the Nine To Get Ready album but clicking his name linked with the album takes you back to the other George Lewis :-\

The Leaves were a 1960’s band who recorded “Hey Joe”

The Leaves – Hey Joe

which [W:Frank Zappa] parodied in Flower Punk and [W:Jimi Hendrix] later reworked.

Hendrix – Hey Joe

Spotify has the right biography….

The Leaves - Hey Joe
The Leaves - Hey Joe

But the wrong [W:Leaves (Icelandic band)] music. Or vice versa.

The Spotify blog keeps you well informed and a recent listing of new additions (yes I am the kind of person who scrolls through them all 😉 ) included the [W:Sun Ra] Second Star To The Right album (a favourite of mine). Searching Sun Ra fails to find it. But searching for the album’s title does find it. Apparently it is by Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra which is obviously why searching for Sun Ra fails to find it :-\

An anonymous editor added a splendid story to the [W:Wikipedia] [W:Homeschooling] article. It was quickly removed but I post it here for prosperity:

In 2001 the Wonderbread company introduced a class action lawsuit against the US government–specifically targeting homeschool families. The company charged homeschool families with saturating the market with their homemade, wholegrain products and hand churned butter. Spokesman for the Homeschool Commission for Fair and Equal Baking Practices, Leonard Norton, defended American Homeschooled families by saying: “Homeschooling and wholewheat baking are almost synonymous. It would be a tragedy to see honest, hardworking, homeschooling Americans see their right to wholewheat baking taken away.”

Note the Spotify link below – this stuff isn’t just thrown together 😉