The Jam Making Movie

It must be a couple of weeks ago that Martine made some jam but you cannot rush the [wikipop]post production[/wikipop] process….


Tasty! And the jam was quite nice too πŸ˜‰

The music is… Best Batch Yet (but not the [wikipop]Doc at the Radar Station[/wikipop] one) by [wikipop]Captain Beefheart[/wikipop] and (mostly) The Magic Band.

Me (not) Mobile?

Have just enjoyed the 60 day trial of Mobile Me. Having a house full of Macs which will be joined, I do not doubt, at some time by an iPad all that syncing and sharing stuff is just the job. Mostly I was using the picture gallery which, combined with a dinky WordPress plugin, provided a quick link from here to there.

The trial expired but no payment was charged. Instead an email complaining that something was wrong with my card details…

…which was strange. I checked the details and all seemed, as far as I could see, to be correct but still it was rejected…

…which was strange because the details of the same card are stored at the Apple Store where it is used (far too) frequently…

One of their suggestions was to purchase a box from the Apple Store, have that delivered by snail mail, discard the disc and packaging into the recycle bin, and type in the included activation key. [W:Cloud computing] eh! It’s the future!

In the past I have purchased QuickTime Pro and Aperture activation keys from the Apple Store but alas a Mobile Me activation key is not availabe.

So, for now, I have given up and rolled my own using the Gallery software.. Perhaps not as pretty as Apple’s but it does the job. A bit of PHP in the widgets over there (->) adds an image and a link. A bit of FTP adds a straight through connection.

The email said they would keep the account active until the 12th June which is just after WWDC and some rumours say… that Mobile Me will be free anyway. Hmmm!

iPods iPads ePads (that’s about the size of it)

While Apple makes us wait until the end of April for the iPad it is interesting to compare my original (2005) 1 GB iPod Shuffle and Martine’s new (2009) 8GB iPod Nano.

Mine plays music. Her not very much larger but considerably thinner one plays music… and videos and has a radio and a video camera built in and records audio memos etc. etc..

It was back in 2005 when [W:Saturday Night Live] were predicting that things would become even smaller…

But then we may not bother waiting for the iPad and just go with the ePad instead…

Magic Mice and Menu Bars

Finally caught a Magic Mouse which is as good as anticipated. I did not have a problem with the old [W:Apple Mighty Mouse] although a lot of people complained about them. I have a Logitech wireless mouse that I used with the old Mac but never got around to setting it up with the new Mac – the Mighty Mouse that came with it has done the job.

I did add Magic Prefs but have not really needed the extra pinches or swipes as yet – but will experiment with configuring it for flying X Plane. Magic Prefs added yet another icon to the ever leftward expansion across the menu bar so here is a quick check of what they are (admittedly some could be removed as they are never used and I have no idea why they are there πŸ˜‰ )….
menu bar

From the left….

    Magic Prefs – adds extra controls to the Magic Mouse
    Spam Sweep – Within minutes of launching the demo Spam vanished… purchased minutes later.
    Library Books – Monitirs your library account and reminds you when stuff is due back.
    Savvy Clipboard – expands the usefulness of the clipboard.
    BwanaDik – any software named after a Zappa song must be good.
    Scribblet – fuss-free aide-mΓ©moires. Updated to Version 2 today.
    Weather Dock – Saves having to look out of the window πŸ˜‰
    Growl – pops up and tells you what you are listening to on Spotify, or when you have email, or when NetNewsWire has just refreshed etc. etc.
    Caffeine – Keeps your Mac awake.
    iStat Menus – Monitors the system if you enjoy watching that kind of thing. Who doesn’t? πŸ˜‰
    Universal access – some of the other stuff needs some of this stuff to be on so they can do their thing.
    AppleScripts – Tweak you Mac to do what you want, when you want, how you want it done.
    Bluetooth – Lets Magic Mice talk to Macs
    Spaces – multi desktops thingy
    Spell Catcher – monitors your typing and corrects your spilling milkshakes.
    Time Machine – auto back up and then some.
    AirPort – wifi monitor
    Date & Time – this is why you buy a Mac πŸ™‚
    User Account switch – what it says.
    SpotLight – search everything everywhere.