A 360° panoramic image of Space 3 at the [wikipop]Contact Theatre[/wikipop] taken and [wikipop search=”Image stitching”]stitched[/wikipop] with the PhotoSynth app on an iPod Touch

which passes through Panogaea

before being turned into sound with RGB Music Lab:

More bizarre one star reviews on the app store. This time for Panogaea. It is claimed that it does nothing and is a scam.

Admittedly having a web site which is still under construction does did not inspire confidence (The site is now up and running) but it all seems to work as described…

You can just click and drag directly in the image (using the Command and Control modifier keys) to make the changes. Full documentation and examples are available from the Help menu.

An Introduction to Panogaea from Kevin Gross from the official Panogaea support site.