The patch of garden sometimes euphemistically known as the vegetable plot has been abandoned since the flood three years ago. Somewhat overgrown it was broken up and turned over and then cleared and levelled and is now returning to a usable state…


The digging did turn up the usual bits of broken china, glass and slate; and a goddess of the earth appeared blinking in the sunlight….

They never turn up stuff like this on [W:Time Team].

Ciggies and Stars

More light free pictures, with a 60 second exposure, straight from the camera without any tweaking/Photoshopping. They are large: width=1500+ pixels 100KB+ downloads…

I thought the ciggie would leave more of a continuous trail. The lighting effect is low level ambient light….

The cat climbed over the garage and caused the motion sensor light at the front of the house to come on which illuminated the bush for about half the shot…

The tree from the other side….