Installation fun

Attempting to update TidalCycles only managed to break everything. Everything seemed to be in the right place but nothing was aware of anything else. Apparently it is a common problem. Perhaps it was the multiple versions of ghc…

or the changes to cabal, or the Mac’s recent switch from bash to zsh. After wrestling with it for a couple of days I gave up and deleted random .ghc and .ghcup directories and did a complete fresh install which seemed to sort things out.

Far simpler was Nextcloud which just involved uploading a php file which when executed checks that the required components are available and then installs and sets up everything for you. Their iOS app gives access to your Personal cloud from anywhere.

Yadit #100DaysToOffload

Tidal fun

TidalCycles looks like the kind of thing I should learn* how to use. It provides plenty of tools for sound mangling. It runs on top of Super Collider. You write the code giving the instructions to make the sound which is then passed back in to the system (when the line flashes green in the video below) to be processed and your sound is returned. The sound is played in a fixed loop – so the more notes the faster they will play so they fit into the loop.

*By learn I mean throw random numbers and brackets at it and see what comes out. This is an initial exploration – which I am probably doing all wrong :-/