One Love in the global village.

Long before the Interweb had been thought of [W:Marshall McLuhan] had come up with the idea of the global village which followed on from [W:Network theory] which had explored social networks and developed the idea of [W:Six degrees of separation].

Now we have Playing For Change which records a musician singing a song and takes it around the world so others can contribute to the piece.

Revolution video & WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade fixes

While exploring Runtime Revolution I was unable to view the tutorial videos. I had the audio content but a blank green screen replaced the video content. It turns out the problem is solved by disabling the Perian plugin for Quicktime.

I also was unable to do the WordPress automatic update thingy. This one was solved by disabling the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin which was conflicting with the automatic updating process :-/

I just mention these in case you are looking for a solution to similar problems.