Pupinia Stewart: Beyond Poe’s Law.

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In 2005 Poe’s law established that on the Internet an extreme point of view is indistinguishable from a parody of that point of view if the parody lacks any identifying smilies or other indicators.

Today amidst the never ending background noise of the Internet it becomes increasingly difficult to verify what is real and what is parody.

Pupinia Stewart (this may or may not be her name) at 16 years old (this may or may not be her age) took on the whole world… and won. Slam dunk (as I believe they say in Americanish).

Beyond satire which stands apart and points a finger, beyond Absurdist and Dadaist she holds a mirror up to the Internet. Who is the stupid one here?

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One Love in the global village.

Long before the Interweb had been thought of [W:Marshall McLuhan] had come up with the idea of the global village which followed on from [W:Network theory] which had explored social networks and developed the idea of [W:Six degrees of separation].

Now we have Playing For Change which records a musician singing a song and takes it around the world so others can contribute to the piece.