Category: Garden

  • Spot the difference

    Martine recently returned with some of her sister’s home grown [W:Hypergiant] tomatoes which are a little larger than mine :-/



  • Dragonfly: almost emerged

    We spotted a dragonfly trying to emerge from its nymph skin but the nymph had not attached itself securely to a reed….

    …and so it struggled to free itself…

    Get the Flash Player to see this video.

    Once freed it sat recuperating for a while; so I stopped filming and it immediately took off into the summer sky…. somedays nothing seems to go right.

  • Dragonfly nymph

    I apologise to those searching for the Dragonfly nymph pictures from last year as they seem to have become lost in the move to this dot net site. I did spot an empty one today…

    Visit the photo gallery for a huge version. One day I will get to film an emerging dragonfly.

  • Feed me!

    The garden continues to feed the slugs, birds and assorted ravenous beasts. Yesterday evening…


    and this morning…


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