Yet more Google crap

While it is fairly easy to drop the likes of Facebook Google presents a more insidious challenge….

And will need to remove players such as the SoundCloud one which links out to ScoreCard Research ๐Ÿ™

Internet Interweb

Farewell Facebook

Because…. The Web We Lost


Because…. Stop Using Facebook

Because… Tech and Liberty

Etc Etc.


Tidal fun

TidalCycles looks like the kind of thing I should learn* how to use. It provides plenty of tools for sound mangling. It runs on top of Super Collider. You write the code giving the instructions to make the sound which is then passed back in to the system (when the line flashes green in the video below) to be processed and your sound is returned. The sound is played in a fixed loop – so the more notes the faster they will play so they fit into the loop.

*By learn I mean throw random numbers and brackets at it and see what comes out. This is an initial exploration – which I am probably doing all wrong :-/


The award for best song title for the weekend goes to Machine Woman for…

Have You Been To Salford Shopping Centre, Have You Seen Argos?

But it was only the second best tune of the weekend.


New Year New Post

Another year and still here. Another year and same old stuff.

This was generated by, and was my first encounter with, Numerology.