And so here we are again. With a new MacOS version imminent I contemplate erasing the hard drive and starting afresh – again. Alas I have not been brave enough to do it for many years and so a new version just updates the old version amidst all the accumulated crud. And when I occasionally buy a new computer the hard drive size will be enormous compared to the old one so everything gets copied over, because there is so much space in there, and we carry on. The oldest file on here dates back to 2007.

How many versions of GHC does a chap need?

ghc versions

But this is a whole new era and we are moving from iterations of macOS 10 to the all new and shiny macOS 11 and so I will definitely be doing it this time. Deep down I know that something is going to get screwed up – like that account for something or other that I use daily and set up 10 years ago which will now require a password which I will not have saved anywhere – or more frustratingly I will have saved it but cannot now find it anywhere.

I did a full back up yesterday and a mere 13 hours later it had copied all of the 4.5 million files.. did I mention the crud?

So I am planning on using a blank partition on an external drive and booting from that with a fresh install to see what happens and if I can produce a functioning system. If that works then the big red ERASE-AT-YOUR-PERIL button will be clicked and we will be crud free – for at least a week.

Roland has made their 808 drum machine simulator freely available throughout August.

There are numerous software replicas of the 808 and Roland producing their own seems like Frank Zappa releasing his own bootlegged material in an attempt to cash in on the popularity.

The Roland implementation is, of corse, impressive…

The links from the daily web thing always provide a diversion or two to some interesting corners of the web. So it came as something of a surprise to find myself listed today. Having neglected my own humble dusty corner for the past few weeks there is likely to now be a flurry of postings just in case anyone happens to stray through here.

Sourdough  bread
Sourdough bread

Having had a starter festering away for some weeks and with the temperature rising it is time for some more sourdough. Mixed it up late last night and left to do it’s thing overnight. Shaped, proved for a couple of hours and then baked this morning. Ready for a delicious lunch 😁🥪😋