• Duane Eddy 1938 – 1924

    As my several years older siblings moved on to other things I inherited the family record player and their old records. One of which was Duane Eddy‘s Peter Gunn (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube) with Yep on the B side. It was one of those records from the late 50s/early 60s where the guitar had not yet assumed the starring role from the saxophone which wails along to keep things moving.

    Almost thirty years later he re-recorded it with Art Of Noise (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube)

    London was a branch of Decca Records which licensed American recordings for release in the UK.

    I thought Duane Eddy was in this but apparently not…but still worth seeing again:

  • New Noise Toy

    Giorgio Sancristoforo makes some wonderful noise toys. The latest is Full Blotter – very large grains psychedelic machine which takes your jolly little ditty and mangles it in to something other worldly…

    I always appreciate a DMORAN button 🤪

  • Doing the Spotty Dog

    Watching the David Byrne dance routine in today’s Open Culture post reminded me that what he describes as Puppet Leg, where an imagined puppet string is pulled to raise the leg,

    was part of a ‘dance‘ (I use the word in its loosest interpretation) routine known as the Spotty Dog that we did in the 1960s resulting in much merriment.

    Upon a search for a Spotty Dog clip I discovered that it is, bizarrely, an actual exercise these days. But as Miss Cox confesses she, and I suspect many others, has no idea why it is called the Spotty Dog.

    Well let me enlighten you.

  • Analogue News

    Almost subscribed to The Independent but with seventy five cookies and assorted gunk, including nine trackers:

    Listing of some of the cookies etc. that The Independent wants to set.

    I decided against that idea. I will pop to the shop at the end of the road and buy a copy instead. Oh no! Online only!🤷‍♂️

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