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  • Blog tweaking

    The current SemPress theme places the Header image between the title and the start of the articles…

    …which may be what was intended but I wanted it behind the title text so it was time to do some more CSS tweaking. Having moved the image I coloured the text from the cloud’s colours, used the darker blue corner of the sky both as a shadow under the title and as the background colour behind the articles. I rounded the corners of some images and the article’s panels.

    Of course the moved image was screwed up on smaller screens so it is no longer shown on mobile devices – although some tablets will show it in landscape mode but not in portrait mode.

    The amendments, which override the default CSS, now look like this:

    As I’m sure there will be more to come I leave this here as an Aide-mémoire.

    Yadit #100DaysToOffload

  • IndieWebification

    In days of yore (just after they invented the wheel) the web was the web (or the Information Superhighway or something) but then the distorting mirrors of Facebook, Google and Twitter came along and started to break things. So these days the trend is towards something called the IndieWeb which helps individuals be individual outside the labyrinth of the social media silos.

    This does require some hoop jumping – like:

  • Set an h-cardDone
  • Use a Microformat friendly theme – Done.
  • Now we just need to see if linking out to other blogs/people actually gets picked up – in a socially distanced kind of way.

  • 12 years on…

    Whilst adding a new Retirement category, as if that will make any difference, I checked the dusty archives to see how old this blog was. It was started in April 2008 with the first totally unrelated post…


    So belated Happy Birthday to us. As one of the planned retirement projects was to liven things up around here I shall see if I can find some of the missing media files from bygone years and reset them.

  • Broken Blogger

    This post is primarily for Martine because:

    a: She observed that my postings were somewhat infrequent; and
    b: She will come home and want to know why her blog is not working; so…

    On Monday it was announced that Blogger would be put into maintenance mode for an update to the system on Wednesday. The process was due, according to the Blogger Status page, to last about an hour…

    Blogger status announcement 9th May 2011

    It is now Friday 13th and Blogger is still not working…

    Blogger unavailable Friday 13th May 2011

    Presumably even the Blogger people cannot update their own pages so the status page remains frozen from last Monday. There has been some information on Google’s support page where they claim to have reverted to a previous version but this does not seem to have helped much…

    Blogger info updates

    It is a little unfortunate that this hiccup coincides with the announcement of Google’s web based Chromebooks. To [wikipop search=”Cloud computing”]the cloud![/wikipop] Oh! Wait a mo

    Update: And they’re back.

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