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  • Doggone!

    The OED’s Word of The Day turned up the Americanism Doggone (possibly an euphemism for God damn it)


    which reminded me of the excellent [wikipop]Donna Hightower[/wikipop] backed by [wikipop search=”The_Cadets_(doo_wop)”]The Jacks[/wikipop] (or The Cadets when they recorded for [wikipop]Modern Records[/wikipop]) record Doggone It (1955 [wikipop search=”RPM_Records_(USA)”]RPM[/wikipop] 423). And so here it is again…

    while I was searching the hard disc archives for the above I turned up the [wikipop]Eddie Floyd[/wikipop] minor (as in not really troubling the charts) 1967 song Love is a Doggone Good Thing.

    The Donna Hightower Wikipedia article could do with some work so that is this evening taken care of…

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