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  • Farewell Facebook

    Because…. The Web We Lost


    Because…. Stop Using Facebook

    Because… Tech and Liberty

    Etc Etc.

  • Words of the day

    I have the [W:OED] Word Of The Day pop up in my RSS thingy. Yesterday’s word was, predictably, [W:Shrovetide] – c1425 Orolog. Sapient. vii. in Anglia X. 386/39 {Th}e sondaye In Quinquagesime, with {th}e tweyne dayes folowynge, {th}at is clepyd Schroftyde.

    Todays, by contrast, is [W:Drum and bass] which dates back as far as – 1990 [W:The Face (magazine)] Nov. 53/2 ‘Dub Be Good To Me’..is Beats International‘s most characteristic creation. It’s drum and bass culture, the sound of downtempo Britain after midnight. 1997 S. BARROW & P. DALTON Reggae v. 204/1 But the first vocal record with a full dub version on its flip..is usually recognised as the [W:Little Roy] ‘Hard Fighter’ track on the [W:Lloyd Daley] Syndicate label, recorded in March 1971, with the splendid ‘Voo-doo’ as its strictly drum and bass counterpart from [W:The Hippy Boys].

    The OED Rocks! But, alas, no Little Roy or Hippy Boys on Spotify yet. 🙁

    The best word of the day has to be ricockulous, which describes something a degree or two worse than ridiculous but not quite as bad as ripenisulous. It was used by [W:Ben Goldacre] writing about the Facebook causes cancer nonsense on his Bad Science blog. Splendid.

  • Apples/Pears Windows/windows

    Yet another switcher whinges that Macs do not work the same as Windows PCs and that Microsoft’s software for the Mac is different to the Windows version. Ok it is the day before MacWorld Expo so the article is probably more click bait than serious journalism but you have to wonder what these people are thinking. If you do not like Microsoft’s software for Macs don’t use it. If you prefer Picasa to iPhoto then ask Google for a Mac version – oh look here it comes now! But Picasa’s insisting that my EyeTV stream was a picture became rather irritating. I am guessing that iPhoto’s new Facebook button will be the deal clincher in this house :-/


    One commentator to the switcher article said:

    It still boggles my mind the hoops I have to go through to do something simple like renaming a file on Mac. What’s the hotkey for that? Oh, there isn’t one. You need to click and hold the mouse button down on the file name for what feels like a random amount of time (and if you get it wrong and “miss”, the file opens instead… which means whatever app it’s associated with also opens).

    What? How hard can it be? Select whatever you want to rename, hit Enter, Type a new name, hit Enter, done.
    [local /wp-content/uploads/2009/01/renaming.mov nolink]
    Another common theme is the Mac’s menu bar not being attached to individual windows. Just because Microsoft managed to get this, and much else, wrong when they tried to recreate a window based operating system like the Mac had is hardly a reason to condemn the Mac. What you are doing is opening a document in the window not running an application in the window. You can open lots of documents all using the same application. You do not want lots of windows with the same application running in each. Which is why when you close a window on the Mac the application does not Quit.

    Hey ho!

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