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  • GameSalad and the iGoD

    Note: This will require the GameSalad plugin to be installed to work – and then it is probably only good with Safari on a Mac!

    Experimenting with the GameSalad game creation software. It is still a beta version and has crashed my Mac several times – although this is probably largely due to me trying run before I can walk. But it only took a few minutes to cobble together an experimental piece that will become the Intergalactic Goats of Doom (or iGoD 😉 but may evolve into the Intergalactic Vomiting Vampire Goats of Doom.

    Update: This has now moved to here as the plug in continues to cause problems/crashes.

    You just click to move the Smiley (or touch when I get it on an iPad) to or from the goat. Why not? The M key kills the backing beat and the S key starts it again.

  • The Revolution Run Around – Guess the number

    I have been messing around with the Revolution software which is generally pretty neat but occasionally deeply frustrating – which is not necessarily a bad thing. It is based on Apple’s old [W:Hypercard] so I had some inkling of how it would/should work but the documentation (as is often the way with such things) can leave you wandering around in a circle, so close and yet so far, but the support forums are very, erm, supportive so I did manage to put together (and finish!) a (very) simple guess the number game to see how it all fits together.

    The Guess The Number game
    The Guess The Number game

    The Revolution software does generate versions of your creations for some other non-Mac computers but I do not know if they actually work (the alternate versions not the other computers 😉 )

    Download the Linux version or the Mac OS X Version or the Windows version.

    Perhaps I need a separate page to document my explorations…

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