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  • GameSalad and the iGoD

    Note: This will require the GameSalad plugin to be installed to work – and then it is probably only good with Safari on a Mac!

    Experimenting with the GameSalad game creation software. It is still a beta version and has crashed my Mac several times – although this is probably largely due to me trying run before I can walk. But it only took a few minutes to cobble together an experimental piece that will become the Intergalactic Goats of Doom (or iGoD 😉 but may evolve into the Intergalactic Vomiting Vampire Goats of Doom.

    Update: This has now moved to here as the plug in continues to cause problems/crashes.

    You just click to move the Smiley (or touch when I get it on an iPad) to or from the goat. Why not? The M key kills the backing beat and the S key starts it again.

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