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  • Broken Blogger

    This post is primarily for Martine because:

    a: She observed that my postings were somewhat infrequent; and
    b: She will come home and want to know why her blog is not working; so…

    On Monday it was announced that Blogger would be put into maintenance mode for an update to the system on Wednesday. The process was due, according to the Blogger Status page, to last about an hour…

    Blogger status announcement 9th May 2011

    It is now Friday 13th and Blogger is still not working…

    Blogger unavailable Friday 13th May 2011

    Presumably even the Blogger people cannot update their own pages so the status page remains frozen from last Monday. There has been some information on Google’s support page where they claim to have reverted to a previous version but this does not seem to have helped much…

    Blogger info updates

    It is a little unfortunate that this hiccup coincides with the announcement of Google’s web based Chromebooks. To [wikipop search=”Cloud computing”]the cloud![/wikipop] Oh! Wait a mo

    Update: And they’re back.

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