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  • This is what home education should be like…

    Having become increasingly alarmed by people trying to replicate school at home and all that nonsense it is reassuring to see someone doing it right.

    Think of all the lessons learnt while doing this.

  • Elect

    The Guardian’s [W:Ben Goldacre] piece today threw up some interesting links. The VoteMatch site is like an online dating service for you to be matched to your ideal local candidate. One particularly taxing question was the old tax breaks for educating children outside the school system….

    I remain open minded about such things. While the BNP were in favour the Lib Dems (my ideal match apparently) were not…

    It looks like a close call between Lib Dems and Greens but the local Green chappie, a teacher, has ruled himself out with a leaflet that promises to protect the education system; which is about as un-green a system as one could possibly devise.

  • A glass of water in the desert

    Amongst all the home education dross we get these days [W:Astra Taylor] talking about her unschooling is a (long but worth sticking with) treat…

    And an interview too.

  • The bare truth (will out)

    It seems to me that the home education community (whoever they are!) lack a certain degree of imagination in their protestations against the [W:Badman Review]. “They sign those petitions ’til they’re sad in the face. And still they seem to be getting no place.” So “If public policy gets on your nerves. And no one pays attention to you” all you need to do is get naked!

    What you have to do is what the [W:Doukhobor] did….

    Written by [W:Malvina Reynolds] and performed by [W:Pete Seeger].

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