Tag: Installation

  • Windows 8 on a Mac – Virtually

    After downloading the developers version of Windows 8 I installed it as a virtual machine with Virtual Box.

    After a false start trying the Other Windows option:

    I tried the 64Bit Windows 7 option and off it went:

    It was mostly a case of clicking through the standard settings apart from the Advanced installation option for a completely fresh install:

    We went for a walk in the Autumn sunshine while it whirled away and returned ready to go:

  • Final Cut Studio upgrade

    It was quite fortuitous that the day I decided I would order an upgrade for my creaky old antiquated version 1 of Final Cut Studio was the very day Apple updated the software to the new version 3. It only took 4+ hours to install! Which was not quite as long as the 17 hours it was predicting.

    17 Hour update!
    17 Hour update!

    So now I have a whole lot of new toys to play with and distract myself from actually finishing any of the numerous projects I have on the go 😉

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