Tag: Introversion

  • Q is for Quiet

    Who does not love spending time in blissful isolated silent solitude? I know I do but the rest of the world constantly conspires against me.

    Thanks to the wonders of the Internet one learns that introversion is fairly normal and not something that needs to be fixed. Sometimes I try to imagine a world where everyone was an introvert. How wonderful would life be then? How different would things be – work patterns, house construction, advertising, etc.? But ultimately I have to concede that one has been so conditioned with the way things are that I would probably miss all the tittle-tattle, opinion sharing, questioning, I don’t really have anything worth saying but I love the sound of my own voice background noise that we have to inhabit every day.

    Note: My escape involves putting on the headphones and turning the volume up as loud as it goes. My silent solitude is other people’s unpleasant noise.

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