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  • Shove Lemur from an iPad on a Mac

    Adapted from this Windows tutorial…

    It is much the same procedure but as the Mac speaks fluent MIDI there is no need to add anything.


    A Mac
    Ableton Live
    Lemur app
    Shove template
    ClyphX/Push folders
    (Requires a RAR Unpacker if you do not have one)


    Right click on the Ableton Live icon and select Show Package Contents


    Drill down to the MIDI Remote Scripts folder




    Rename the Push folder as Original_Push

    Unpack the RAR file containing the ClyphX/Push folders and put those folders in the MIDI Remote Scripts folder

    If your WiFi network is liable to interference/lag you should create an ad-hoc network. The video below just connects via the regular WiFi network.


    In the iPad’s WiFi settings select your ad-hoc network if you created one

    Start the Lemur app and load the Shove template from the Lemur editor on the Mac

    In the Mac’s MIDI/Audio set up Utility select the Network button

    Connect the iPad to the Session

    Open Ableton Live and then its Preferences

    Select Push and Cyphx as Input Devices and the network session as Input and Output


    Shove away…

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