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  • When you move house….

    …you realise just how many mice you have – even a boxed [wikipop search=”Apple Desktop Bus”]ADB [/wikipop] one…

    …although you use the Magic Trackpad for everything these days. There are probably a couple more somewhere ;-).

  • Magic Mice and Menu Bars

    Finally caught a Magic Mouse which is as good as anticipated. I did not have a problem with the old [W:Apple Mighty Mouse] although a lot of people complained about them. I have a Logitech wireless mouse that I used with the old Mac but never got around to setting it up with the new Mac – the Mighty Mouse that came with it has done the job.

    I did add Magic Prefs but have not really needed the extra pinches or swipes as yet – but will experiment with configuring it for flying X Plane. Magic Prefs added yet another icon to the ever leftward expansion across the menu bar so here is a quick check of what they are (admittedly some could be removed as they are never used and I have no idea why they are there 😉 )….
    menu bar

    From the left….

      Magic Prefs – adds extra controls to the Magic Mouse
      Spam Sweep – Within minutes of launching the demo Spam vanished… purchased minutes later.
      Library Books – Monitirs your library account and reminds you when stuff is due back.
      Savvy Clipboard – expands the usefulness of the clipboard.
      BwanaDik – any software named after a Zappa song must be good.
      Scribblet Рfuss-free aide-m̩moires. Updated to Version 2 today.
      Weather Dock – Saves having to look out of the window 😉
      Growl – pops up and tells you what you are listening to on Spotify, or when you have email, or when NetNewsWire has just refreshed etc. etc.
      Caffeine – Keeps your Mac awake.
      iStat Menus – Monitors the system if you enjoy watching that kind of thing. Who doesn’t? 😉
      Universal access – some of the other stuff needs some of this stuff to be on so they can do their thing.
      AppleScripts – Tweak you Mac to do what you want, when you want, how you want it done.
      Bluetooth – Lets Magic Mice talk to Macs
      Spaces – multi desktops thingy
      Spell Catcher – monitors your typing and corrects your spilling milkshakes.
      Time Machine – auto back up and then some.
      AirPort – wifi monitor
      Date & Time – this is why you buy a Mac 🙂
      User Account switch – what it says.
      SpotLight – search everything everywhere.

  • Of mice…

    It’s a difficult choice….

    OO or Magic?

    Not really 😉

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