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  • Dragonfly: almost emerged

    We spotted a dragonfly trying to emerge from its nymph skin but the nymph had not attached itself securely to a reed….

    …and so it struggled to free itself…

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    Once freed it sat recuperating for a while; so I stopped filming and it immediately took off into the summer sky…. somedays nothing seems to go right.

  • Dragonfly nymph

    I apologise to those searching for the Dragonfly nymph pictures from last year as they seem to have become lost in the move to this dot net site. I did spot an empty one today…

    Visit the photo gallery for a huge version. One day I will get to film an emerging dragonfly.

  • Pond Life (part one)

    In the murky depths beneath the lily pads lives all manner of creatures but an hour’s worth of video only revealed a newt (or possibly two) passing by momentarily…

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    The second visit was an hour after the first with the sun overhead hence the golden hue.

  • Emergent Dragonflies

    Just missed a couple of [W:dragonflies] emerging from their larval skins and could not get close enough for a good picture.

    Dragonfly above it's former skin
    Dragonfly above it’s former skin

    Freshly emerged dragonfly
    Freshly emerged dragonfly

    I did manage to collect an abandoned skin once they had departed.

    External skin of the dragonfly nymph stage
    External skin of the dragonfly nymph stage

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