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  • E is for Education

    Who does not love learning something new? I know I do and these days we have so many opportunities to satiate our lust for learning. Alas for most children they do not get to learn very much as they go to school. Why this is still the case remains a mystery. There can be no logical reason for herding children together who have nothing in common other than the fact that they were born around the same time and live in the same area. It is a patently silly idea that has never worked and never will work. Successive governments keep coming up with some novel idea they claim will make it work – usually involving doing more of what is not working now… more testing, longer hours, shorter holidays etc.


    Fortunately here in the UK one need not bother with such nonsense. The law requires that parents provide their children with a suitable education. This can be in any form that suits the child and the family. Attendance at school is not a legal requirement. The original thinking was that there would be an education service along the lines of the health service – available to all as and when required.

    A good school, in short, is not a place of compulsory instruction, but a community of old and young, engaged in learning by co-operative experiment.

    The Hadow Report (1931)

    Such a radical idea was crippled by the machinations of the church, existing school system and the limitations of post war funding and was, alas, never realised in the 1944 Education Act and that “triumph for progressive reform” was a pallid interpretation of what was envisaged and possible.

    One looks forward to the day when the nonsensical schooling system is disrupted and we can start to build something better.

  • Captain Beefheart (1941 – 2010)

    I used the instrumental “Best Batch Yet” for the Jam Making Movie so here is [wikipop]Captain Beefheart[/wikipop] in 1980 with a vocal version…

    The offerings on YouTube seem decidedly low Def so I shall rummage in my boxes and see what I can fish out… “if you want to be a different fish, you’ve got to jump out of the school.”… Beefheart said claiming he tried school for half a day and never went back. His high school graduation photograph somewhat counters the claim.

    The BBC obituary

  • Governmental visitors

    Whilst all are welcome to come and browse here, should tax payers be subsidising government browsing?

    More worrying is the Windows/Internet Explorer 6 thing. Do these people know nothing about security?

    Of course the [W:IP address] is generic and could be from anywhere within gov.uk. Let’s hope they enjoyed, and were educated by, the silliness.

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  • Word of the day

    Not that I could ever condone such a solution.

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