Tag: Snow

  • Building a snow bear

    Martine and the girls build a bear. If you have the snow it has to be done….

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  • A foot of snow

    We have measured the snow on the table and deemed it to be near enough (although probably not exactly) a foot deep. Which is probably some sort of record within living memory around these parts; or at least for this year!
    Snow on a table

  • Snow Day

    We rarely get a good covering of snow so we have taken to taking any snowy day as a national holiday with businesses, schools and transport networks shutting down.

    Snow Tress - Moreton In Marsh
    Snow Tress – Moreton In Marsh

    Building a Snow Lion (Bear?)…

    Others were inspired otherwise 🙂

  • April Snow

    We awoke to a thin covering of snow – which seemed like a good opportunity to test the SlimBox plug-in 😉

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