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  • Chorlton trams opens Thursday?

    As the previous piece about tram testing has been so popular I pass this on as a public service announcement. According to the man working on the testing today the line will be open tomorrow (Thursday 7th July). There is nothing to indicate this is the case…

    …either at the station or on the Metrolink website other than the addition of Chorlton in the station listings…

    Update: Now confirmed on the Metrolink site.

    Metrolink’s new Chorlton line opens for business
    Passengers will be able to travel on Metrolink’s new Chorlton line from Thursday 7 July.

    Services will initially run every 12 minutes from service start to service end, Monday to Saturday. The Sunday 12-minute service runs between 9am and 5.30pm, with a 15-minute service from 6.58-9am and 5.30-10.52pm.

    The journey time from St Werburgh’s Road to St Peter’s Square is approximately 15 minutes.

  • Testing Trams

    Although Metrolink had originally promised the new South Manchester Line was coming in Spring 2011 they were still testing it in July.

    The latest delay is a computer communication problem.

    The problem is that the new system is as advanced as the current system is old, so it’s a bit like connecting your modern PC to a Commodore 64 and making them work together at this higher level.

    Of course being [wikipop]Amiga[/wikipop] and [wikipop]Macintosh[/wikipop] people we would not know anything about that stuff. 😉

    Update: 5th July 2011

    The horn works!

    Update: 6th July 2011
    Maybe opening tomorrow.

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