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  • Worst Website of the Weekend (or perhaps ever)

    Even allowing for the expected degree of incompetence and stupidity that masquerades as an education system…

    Welcome to the functionality that has been provided by Student Finance England!

    Functionality Drivel
    Functionality Drivel

    As if having one of the most convoluted log in procedures ever devised involving multiple emails, a customer reference number (I am not a customer), a password and a secret answer (which was SXMLAR38 so what was the secret question?) is not disturbing enough one is then dropped into the most ridiculous illogical exercise which actually amounted to nothing more than answering half a dozen questions.

    Are we done already?

    Who knows?

    Tick what?

    HInt: The question is “Do you have other sources of income?” The answer will be either “Yes” or “No”.
    Note: Even if the answer is “No” you are not allowed to ignore boxes that do not apply you have to type £0.00.

    And so it went on, too tedious to dwell upon, but apparently my experience was somewhat different to Martine‘s but not in a good way.

    Perhaps they should shake out a few more slackers further down the ladder. They do provide a guide to error messages which includes:

    This message is caused by a system error, and Student Finance England is working to fix it. Please ignore the message


    No keyboard connected. Press any key to continue.

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