The Dark Side of 50

Apparently The Dark Side of the Moon first appeared fifty years ago. I did have a copy but had not been much interested in what they were doing since 1969s Ummagumma. As The Dark Side of the Moon was hugely successful around the world I was always amused by the local branch of W H Smith which sold it from a section in their record department labeled “Underground”.

But more than enough will have been written about that elsewhere let us explore the quieter backwaters with the less trodden paths where we can find delights such as a wonderful a cappella version: listen on Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube.

And then the reggae version Dub Side of the Moon: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube or the remixed dubber version.

Closely followed by a string quartet version: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube.

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