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  • The Madness (part 1387/B-2023)

    You mean countries within the EU are making their own laws as if they are an individual nation? Who knew that was a thing? But at least we are going to have Free Ports. Oh! Wait! What?

  • Word guessing

    The annual subscription to the i news app is mostly due to their excellent puzzle section. There are interesting variations on Sudoku puzzles and some groan inducing crossword clues:

    cryptic crossword clue

    But the recent addition of a Wordle style GuessWord has fascinated more for the flaws than the puzzle. Apparently today’s five letter word has two Es, two Os, two Ts and two Ls. 🤔

    word puzzle grid

    It works as expected on the web site:

    Site GuessWord

    My email to the editor will also complain about the name, although similar to many such puzzles, one is not guessing random words but deducing the correct word from the clues provided.

  • Call me an ageing cynic but…

    When most banking/credit card apps get four or five reviews a day one might raise a querying eyebrow when the Vanquis app gains 40 5 star reviews in one day.

    Apparently it is very easy to use. Of course these reviews are definitely not an attempt to bury all the one star reviews from actual users after the developers messed up. 🧐

  • Time for a change

    One can hope that the new normal will start to change this obscenity….


    You will need a strong scrolling finger and some time.

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