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  • Governmental visitors

    Whilst all are welcome to come and browse here, should tax payers be subsidising government browsing?

    More worrying is the Windows/Internet Explorer 6 thing. Do these people know nothing about security?

    Of course the [W:IP address] is generic and could be from anywhere within gov.uk. Let’s hope they enjoyed, and were educated by, the silliness.

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  • Library Books software for Gloucestershire

    Harold Chu’s Library Books software for Mac OS X tracks your borrowings and reminds you when they need returning/renewing. I had messed with an earlier version but never managed to get it to connect to the local library service. A new version was in today’s MacUpdate listing but as Gloucestershire was not included in the preset UK libraries I had another go at getting it to work. Success 🙂

    So if you live in [W:Gloucestershire], are a member of the library, have a Mac and a tendency to forget to return stuff this is what you need.

    Install and run the Library Books software. It only appears as a star icon in the menu bar. Click on the star icon and select Preferences. Select the Logins section and click the + button to add a new library.
    From the Library drop down menu select Generic Catalogue Systems – TalisPrism / Talis Catalogue System.

    The Library Books Settings Pane
    The Library Books Settings Pane

    In the General settings add a Name and your Borrower numbet. PIN can be left blank.

    In the Catalogue section add:
    Catalogue host: http://www.searchourshelves.gloucestershire.gov.uk
    Library Web Page: http://www.libraries.gloucestershire.gov.uk/
    Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
    Click the Save button.

    That’s it!

    Click on the Star icon and select Update and it will fetch a list of your borrowed items. The number of items are displayed next to the star. You can make the star change colour the day before an item is due to be returned and/or add the dates to iCal so that it will also remind you.

    The software is free and no more late return charges 😉

    Update: The details were sent to Harold Chu the developer who says that they will added to the Preset list in future versions.

  • The curious case of the missing "Badman" page


    What do you get when you subtract….

    This Google.co.uk search


    an identical Google.com search?

    The Dark Lord Badman’s Guide to Home Education – Arranging An Inspection


    Missing page
    Missing page

    Update 28th July 2009:
    This piece had a lot of visitors yesterday (but not a single comment ;-)) most of whom were from the UK. A couple of visitors from [W:Google] itself passed through – probably in response to this link.

    Of course Google searches are dynamic things and this page itself is now appearing in the .com listing. So for the record here is a picture of the original listings.

    Google search listings
    Google search listings

    Update 2nd August: Curiouser and curiouser.

  • Word of the day

    Not that I could ever condone such a solution.

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