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  • Menu Bar Clutter 2020

    A quick catch up after the 2010 and 2012 editions.

    Skitch Capture material for sharing.

    Quick Draft Simple text editor for notes. Syncs with iOS devices.

    Dropbox Online storage, file sharing etc.

    Backblaze Online backup service.

    MyAddress IP address monitor syncs across iCloud for when you are away.

    BlockBlock Keeps an eye on what is being installed and notifies you about anything suspicious.

    Presentify Highlighter for presentations etc.

    Hazel Automates routine tasks.

    Typinator Type in a short sequence and it gives you the long form version.

    1Password Excellent password manager.

    PopClip The single most useful thing to add to a Mac.

    Amphetamine Keeps your Mac awake. Very configurable – set a time or wait for a job to finish etc. before going to sleep.

    BwanaDik Monitors your connection notifying you when down. No longer supported but included here for continuity with older posts.


    LittleIpsum Adds Lorem ipsum text in words, lines or paragraphs. No longer supported.

    Cookie Removes specified cookies, trackers and the like either at set intervals or when you quit the browser etc.

    Memory Cleaner




    Bartender Declutter the menu bar. Hides all the icons you do not need to click on regularly.

    FuzzyTime Tells you the time in a normal (not to the precise second) way
    in a variety of languages. I have had to add the day to the display otherwise I would not have much idea what day it was lately.

    ClipMenu Having tried numerous clipboard managers I have found nothing as useful as this although it has not been updated in years and never made it to version 1.

    Spotlight Search for anything on your Mac.


    Notifications See/ignore information.

    Yadit #100DaysToOffload

  • Menu Bar Clutter

    Well as you asked so nicely

    Right now it looks like this…

    From the left:

    • Hot Mouse Flower – a virtual keyboard thingy.
    • SoundFlower – rewires sound between your apps.
    • Found – a searcher that comes and goes – seems to hog a lot of CPU at times.
    • Vienna – RSS reader.
    • Littleipsum – comes and goes as required.
    • Dropbox – cloudy goodness.
    • Cookie – clutter clearer.
    • Growl – venerable growler.
    • Interarchy – FTP goodness.
    • ClipMenu – clipboard manager.
    • 1Password – password manager which I rarely use from the menu bar.
    • FreeMemory – shows (and reclaims) the free memory you thought you had.
    • BwanaDik – IP/Network displayer now discontinued but still going strong with Mountain Lion. Note the Zappa reference.
    • ClipTwin – quick clipboard swap with the iPad.
    • Caffeine – keeps me and the Mac awake.
    • PopClip – how did we ever manage without it?
    • And then the Mac’s regular Messages, AppleScripts, BlueTooth, Time Machine, WiFi, Clock, User switcher, Spotlight and Notifications.

    Last time we looked (February 2010) it looked like this.

  • Magic Mice and Menu Bars

    Finally caught a Magic Mouse which is as good as anticipated. I did not have a problem with the old [W:Apple Mighty Mouse] although a lot of people complained about them. I have a Logitech wireless mouse that I used with the old Mac but never got around to setting it up with the new Mac – the Mighty Mouse that came with it has done the job.

    I did add Magic Prefs but have not really needed the extra pinches or swipes as yet – but will experiment with configuring it for flying X Plane. Magic Prefs added yet another icon to the ever leftward expansion across the menu bar so here is a quick check of what they are (admittedly some could be removed as they are never used and I have no idea why they are there 😉 )….
    menu bar

    From the left….

      Magic Prefs – adds extra controls to the Magic Mouse
      Spam Sweep – Within minutes of launching the demo Spam vanished… purchased minutes later.
      Library Books – Monitirs your library account and reminds you when stuff is due back.
      Savvy Clipboard – expands the usefulness of the clipboard.
      BwanaDik – any software named after a Zappa song must be good.
      Scribblet Рfuss-free aide-m̩moires. Updated to Version 2 today.
      Weather Dock – Saves having to look out of the window 😉
      Growl – pops up and tells you what you are listening to on Spotify, or when you have email, or when NetNewsWire has just refreshed etc. etc.
      Caffeine – Keeps your Mac awake.
      iStat Menus – Monitors the system if you enjoy watching that kind of thing. Who doesn’t? 😉
      Universal access – some of the other stuff needs some of this stuff to be on so they can do their thing.
      AppleScripts – Tweak you Mac to do what you want, when you want, how you want it done.
      Bluetooth – Lets Magic Mice talk to Macs
      Spaces – multi desktops thingy
      Spell Catcher – monitors your typing and corrects your spilling milkshakes.
      Time Machine – auto back up and then some.
      AirPort – wifi monitor
      Date & Time – this is why you buy a Mac 🙂
      User Account switch – what it says.
      SpotLight – search everything everywhere.

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