Tag: Panoramic

  • A room with 3 views

    A 360° panoramic image of Space 3 at the Contact Theatre taken and stitched with the PhotoSynth app on an iPod Touch

    which passes through Panogaea

    before being turned into sound with RGB Music Lab:


  • Microsoft creates good software!

    Shock! Horror! Microsoft’s Photosynth is a neat little free app that captures a panoramic image (up to 360° if required)…

    Simply tap the screen to start shooting, sweep the [wikipop]iDevice[/wikipop] camera around the scene and it will automatically take a sequence of shots (or you can tap the screen again to add a shot). Tap the Finish button and it will stitch the images together to create your panoramic picture. I could have cropped the edges of the image to straighten them up but apparently we prefer the organic/ragged look.

    So MS can do it when they try. If only they tried harder more often.

  • The viewer viewing the view

    Here is a panoramic picture stitched together from half a dozen shots taken – by me and my shadow 🙂 the other evening. It looks out over the hills of Gloucestershire as they roll into the hills of Oxfordshire.

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