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  • Final Cut iDiots

    Amongst the barrage of idiotic comments about the new version of Final Cut are asides such as in an App Store review:

    It does have a export to facebook button, need I say more. (sic)

    The old version provided sharing options with the likes of YouTube and MobileMe so you could publish your work straight to your account.

    That such options have been expanded to include Vimeo and Facebook accounts is apparently a bad thing. Or is it just professional snobbery? Why buy software that is not suited to your needs? You still have the old version if needed.

    Least we forget… ten years ago

    The program also seems downright counter-intuitive in some areas: the new Media Manager is found under the Sequence menu and not Tools, or even Window. And the preferences don’t reset themselves for the current project. All these inconsistencies should have been resolved before the program was rolled out… Not being OS X-compatible is a serious drawback though, and Final Cut Pro 2.0 still retains an unfinished feel in several areas.

    Nine months after the release of Final Cut Pro 2 Final Cut Pro 3 arrived.

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