November – The month of spam

Unrelated Posts spam graph (November 2013)

While some spent November eating treats and occasionally writing a few words others spent it manfully holding back a flood of spam. Admittedly this is all taken care of by the wonderful Akismet plugin, without which many a blog would vanish under the ever growing spam problem, but even their servers occasionally struggled with the weight of it all.

Apparently some people still use the Windows operating system but it is increasingly hard to understand why they think that is a sensible or acceptable option when even that which claims to protect them from their own stupidity is part of the problem.

There are better alternatives to the piss-poor abomination that is Windows.


Skitching 9000 Spams

I just noticed that we have reached 9000 spam comments.

Thanks to the wonderful Akismet they are all caught and dealt with appropriately…apart from those that I cut out and keep to preserve their wonderfulness.

I captured the image with Skitch which has just been acquired by Evernote who have made it available for free.

Setting the [wikipop]FTP[/wikipop] upload to your own domain (as opposed to the built in Skitch offering) took a couple of attempts.

The Directory setting requires yourDomain/directory and the Base URL requires the full URL to find the images. The above example assumes you have created a directory called images to store them in. Skitch uploads the image then reads the full URL for you to copy to the clipboard….

Then It Bash Me…. HTML Porn Arched In Their Heads.

Not sure which was the more surprising; that someone should charge for an app to Learn HTML (presumably for people who are unable to type HTML Tutorial into Google) or that it should only be available to adults because of its…

Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity, Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor, Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence, Frequent/Intense Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

But never mind all that nonsense we have the spam comment of the day to entice us:

There be obliged be a through for my kids to practice at familiar with what they learn in class. Then it bash me – songs!! Come down with a refrain common hoop-shaped and arched in their heads and they’ll not in a million years forget detract a ado for each of my English games, using (Insert link to your product here) merely the idiolect used in distinction! This is the first it! How are you?

Alien Overnight Hair – Spam comment of the day

A delightful piece of spam. Thanks for sharing 😉

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The Amazing Bouncing Spam


At 6:30 on Thursday (17/04/08) evening about 10 bounced spam emails arrived – someone having used my domain to send their spam. I had had a flurry of similar activity last year but that soon dried up. Over the next couple of days the number would edge towards 4500. On Friday 200 an hour were arriving.

Alarmingly some were “Out Of Office” auto-responses. I assume if anyone actually replied to the thing it would come back to me but replying to spam is never a good idea.

Several used some form of filtering service like Sendo or MailMarshal.

Most had the body of the message removed but from the few that had it intact it was apparently a link to or Legal RX Medications as they like to be known. They have a splendid Anti Spam policy but you would not want to type your details into their form nor enter any financial details into their online order form – even though they claim years of experience, which is really impressive, but probably not too many customers in their early days.

Samuel Stimms seems to be somewhat elusive but if he actually existed he is probably related to Alex Polyakov who is usually high on the Spamhaus most wanted list.

If only everybody used a Mac we could be spared such things 😉

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