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  • Handy tips for learning Vim

    You can relieve any sense of panic you may experience while learning Vim by entering the command…



  • Some Pixelmator Colour Splash Rocket Science

    There is a one star review of the excellent Pixelmator in the App Store….

    Presumably referring to the ColorSplash app for [wikipop]iDevices[/wikipop] which holds a particular colour (or area of colours) while turning the rest of the image to [wikipop]greyscale[/wikipop]. How hard can it be…

    With an image loaded into Pixelmator:

    1: Choose Select Color from the Edit menu
    2: Use the Eyedropper to select the colour to be retained
    3: Use the Radius slider to adjust the amount of colour to be selected
    4: Back to the Edit menu to Inverse the selection
    5: From the Image menu choose Desaturate
    6: Back to the Edit menu to Deselect the selection

    Done. In under 30 seconds. Phew! Rocket science! Of course you could take longer and do a better job 😉 and there are several ways to achieve the same effect. To expand the selection to include several colours you could use the Magic Wand tool…

  • Revolution video & WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade fixes

    While exploring Runtime Revolution I was unable to view the tutorial videos. I had the audio content but a blank green screen replaced the video content. It turns out the problem is solved by disabling the Perian plugin for Quicktime.

    I also was unable to do the WordPress automatic update thingy. This one was solved by disabling the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin which was conflicting with the automatic updating process :-/

    I just mention these in case you are looking for a solution to similar problems.

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