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  • IndieWebification

    In days of yore (just after they invented the wheel) the web was the web (or the Information Superhighway or something) but then the distorting mirrors of Facebook, Google and Twitter came along and started to break things. So these days the trend is towards something called the IndieWeb which helps individuals be individual outside the labyrinth of the social media silos.

    This does require some hoop jumping – like:

  • Set an h-cardDone
  • Use a Microformat friendly theme – Done.
  • Now we just need to see if linking out to other blogs/people actually gets picked up – in a socially distanced kind of way.

  • Safari 4

    The new Safari 4 beta refused to launch for me. Plug-ins are the usual suspects with browser failures. I was using the wonderfully useful Glims and a quick search of the Interweb revealed a couple of lines to paste into the Terminal….

    sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Glims/

    sudo rm -rf /Library/InputManagers/Glims/

    A quick Restart and Safari 4 is working – this very post is coming from it 🙂


    If you need to get back to version 3 there is an Uninstaller on the Safari 4 [W:.dmg] which will put you back to where you were.

    Glims Updated: 25th Feb
    A new version of Glims is now available.

    Not that we didn’t know something was cooking at Apple but we didn’t expect it to be released so fast. We apologize for any problems we may have caused and hope you keep enjoying our plugin.

    Indeed we shall.

  • Spider's Web

    Whilst exploring the jungle garden we found a spider busy spinning it’s web…


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