Bullshit, Baloney & Big Business

Someday I will get around to writing a post about my time working at [wikipop]Tesco[/wikipop] which, I often imagined, was being run by a bunch of 7 year olds. But then you see the candidates on The Apprentice and you realise that these are 7 year olds in adult bodies. They do take themselves, and their vacuous ramblings, so seriously but it is usually little more than bullshit.

So no sniggering at the announcement from the people at Alexon (so young yet had so many jobs!) who are blaming the current cold weather (in winter?) for their lack of success. In the spring they were spouting some positive bullshit but by the summer they were blaming volcanic ash. Bollocks.

One response to “Bullshit, Baloney & Big Business”

  1. Josef Gustaf avatar
    Josef Gustaf

    saaad! saad sad! oloah!!!

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