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  • More Apple Mapping

    Whilst one can appreciate the humour…

    …and the apology

    if you want to see what the Tesco store in [wikipop]Gerrards Cross[/wikipop] (the one [wikipop search=”Gerrards Cross Tunnel”]built over the railway line[/wikipop]) looks like you can turn to your trusty Maps folder on your iOS 6 device

    and see that, according to Nokia Maps, it is a building site…

    and from Google Maps we learn that it is a slightly more advanced building site…

    but with Apple Maps we can see it is a fully functioning store.

  • Bullshit, Baloney & Big Business

    Someday I will get around to writing a post about my time working at [wikipop]Tesco[/wikipop] which, I often imagined, was being run by a bunch of 7 year olds. But then you see the candidates on The Apprentice and you realise that these are 7 year olds in adult bodies. They do take themselves, and their vacuous ramblings, so seriously but it is usually little more than bullshit.

    So no sniggering at the announcement from the people at Alexon (so young yet had so many jobs!) who are blaming the current cold weather (in winter?) for their lack of success. In the spring they were spouting some positive bullshit but by the summer they were blaming volcanic ash. Bollocks.

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