Set up Xiki with Aquamacs

Step by step set up using Aquamacs editor with the awesome Xiki…

From these instructions.


A Mac running OS X Mavericks which should have Ruby 1.9.3 as the default version.

Jewellery Box to manage your Ruby versions (RVM) and gems

The Aquamacs editor.



Open the Terminal and install the Xiki gem…

$ gem install xiki

Verify that all is well…

$ xiki

A Xiki directory will have been created in your Home folder so jump into that…

$ cd ~/xiki/

Then run the set up script…

$ bash etc/install/

You will now need an editor that will see an invisible file (the dot at the start of the name hides the file from being listed in a Finder window: .el4r). I use BBEdit but the free version called Text Wrangler will do the job…

Show hidden files
Select the Show hidden items option

Add these lines to the end of the init.rb file in the .el4r folder within the xiki folder within your Home folder…

$LOAD_PATH.unshift “~/xiki/lib”
require ‘xiki’

KeyBindings.keys # Use default key bindings
Themes.use “Default” # Use xiki theme

Fire up Aquamacs and it should drop you straight into Xiki…

Welcome to Xiki in Aquamacs
Welcome to Xiki in Aquamacs

2 responses to “Set up Xiki with Aquamacs”

  1. Thank you for this guide.

    I’ve installed xiki with the ‘github’ instructions. So I don’t have a ‘xiki’ folder in my home dir, and the git clone of the code doesn’t have the .el4r dir

    can you point me at the right guide? or tell me what I should do?

    xiki is running, but all text editors ignore it very gracefully.


  2. I think it will only work with Emacs/Aquamacs editors. There is some support for Vi/Vim…

    and some functions are available for Sublime Text….

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