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  • Connecting iPad/iPhone to GarageBand on a Mac – Wireless

    There is an old post, from 2011, that is regularly visited (I assume it is linked on a forum somewhere) and so it is probably time to do an updated version expanded into several posts covering all the options available today.

    To connect using a WiFi network:

    Open Audio MIDI Setup which you will find in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder – or hit the Command and Space keys and type Audio MIDI into the Spotlight search box.

    From the Window menu select Show MIDI Studio.

    Menu selection in Audio Midi SetUp

    This will open the MIDI Studio window from where you can select Open MIDI Network Setup from the MIDI Studio menu.

    Menu selection in Audio Midi SetUp

    You need to create a new session by clicking the + button

    Creating a new session panel

    The default name is Session 1. Tick the box to select that as the network session you wish to use

    New session selected

    With an app sending MIDI signals your device will be available. Click the Connect button for it to join the network session.

    iPad available

    Your device will be listed as a Participant in the right hand panel – from where it can be disconnected if required.

    iPad connected and good to go

    In the iPad’s/iPhone’s app you will see the Session 1 option within the MIDI settings – sometimes shown as a Settings button or three dots …


    or a cog wheel icon


    Once connected to the Network Session it is all happening in GarageBand…

  • The Reset

    Over the years the old Mac had become such a tangled mess (the oldest file dates back to 2009) and iCloud Drive had become inaccessible from the Finder which insisted I needed to log in although everywhere else insisted I was logged in, and everything was working normally, but System Preferences refused to let me log out. Having tried killing birds and all manner of Terminal artfulness which failed to change anything I decided to just set up a new account and move into that. Alas this meant finding all the Serial numbers/licences for a lot of apps etc. Most seem to working now but I am sure something will turn up and refuse to work. Have made a fresh Time Machine and will try and keeps things better organised until the new iMac’s arrive.

    Have reduced the web site to a minimalist HTML site because that is all it needs to be. Yes you could make a case for a little CSS design but we will live with it for a while. Have removed the Indie Web stuff from this blog as I was not using it and had no real interest in doing so; similarly the link to micro.blog is gone as I do not do the social/interaction thing so derived nothing from it – as excellent as these projects are and worth supporting if that is your thing. At some point I will develop my own theme for this blog.


  • Resolving Liquid and Hyperwords errors – com.hyperwords.liquidwordsfree

    Even on a Mac things can go awry. The nifty Liquid app was spewing out errors in the Console

    com.apple.xpc.launchd: (com.hyperwords.liquidwordsfree) Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

    Console errors

    Others have observed that just deleting the Liquid app will not remove the errors. You will need to dig a little deeper and delete…

    com.hyperwords.liquidwordsfree from the Containers folder in your Library


    com.hyperwords.liquidwordsfree.plist from the Preferences folder in your Library


    com.hyperwords.liquidwordsfree from the system’s…


    (that last bit may be different for you).

    If you have trouble finding these folders the nifty PopClip app can, once you have selected the text, offer you a folder icon that will take you straight to the desired location.

    Alternatively the nifty Hazel app will find all those extraneous files, when you have moved the main app to the Trash, and ask if you want to delete those too.

    Once it is all cleared out a fresh install from the App Store and all is well again.

    Today’s secret word is Nifty.

  • Pro Video Formats perpetual App Store updates

    If the Mac’s App Store has been insisting you constantly need to update the Pro Video Formats to version 2.0.1…

    App Store updates

    Try using the standalone installer which may convince the App Store that you do not need further updates…


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