An Autumnal Stroll

Not having left home (apart from popping out to Unicorn) for some time (7th October seems to have been the last time) and it being a relatively nice day I ventured out to Marple with my bus pass on the train. From Marple I followed the Peak Forest Canal towpath before dropping down into New Mills and then looping back towards Strines where I caught the train back.

The route

According to the myTracks app it was 7.81 miles and took 2 hours 25 minutes. The elevation map makes for interesting viewing:

Locks take the canal up to the higher level. I take path down into the valley then up the other side.

The canal sits high up on the side of the valley as it heads out towards the Peaks. As the other end is much lower there are 16 locks at Marple to lift the canal over 200 feet.

Some Marple Locks

There is a steep drop down to the floor of the valley to follow the river Goyt into New Mills.

River Goyt
The river is a lot livelier around the old mills in New Mills. Viewed from the Millennium Walkway.

There is a long climb up the other side of the valley and then another drop down to Strines station.

Path down to Strines

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