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  • The Zappa Movie

    Once upon a time long long ago there was a Kickstarter Project to digitise the archive of material that Frank Zappa had created during his life – known as The Vault. Once digitised some would be used to create a movie about Zappa and his work. After delays and set backs (all that 2020 stuff) it looks like the project is coming to completion (click image for trailer)…

    Zappa Movie Poster

    One can only wonder what he would have thought of America today.

  • Life in the tree tops

    Me and the squirrels live in the tree tops…

  • Gulp.

    So what do you do after creating the world’s smallest stop motion animation? Obviously create the world’s largest stop motion animation…

    How did they do that?

  • Alfalfa Cam

    As Martine was sprouting some [wikipop]alfalfa[/wikipop] seeds I borrowed some to make a [wikipop]time-lapse[/wikipop] movie of their sprouting. You can watch the live updates on the Alfalfa Cam page as we capture individual images to build the time-lapse movie or just come back here:
    Alfalfa Cam

    Martine says “A watched alfalfa seed never sprouts”.

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